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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

I sold my “Good Hands” Agency after over 30 years. During that time SERVPRO became my sole referral for restoration work......and I never had a complaint.

After the Camp Fire, I had a need for their services, and again I was not disappointed . As usual, they were fast, friendly, and efficient . I can’t recommend them enough.

I was very happy with SERVPRO. The crew was very efficient and courteous. They left my house neat and very clean including my garage. The bathrooms and kitchen were cleaner than they have ever been!

They went above and beyond. My house flooded because my toddler decided to flush as many toys as he could down the toilet during the two seconds I took my eyes off him. I won't lie, I had a bit of a breakdown in the middle of the night. The equipment they used to dry was loud and that combined with a toddler had been keeping me up night after night. I called Troy just to rant expecting a voicemailbox, but instead he picked up the phone at 11:00PM and listened to me vent for over an hour. He was so kind to offer me an ear and encouragement that it would all be over soon. Awesome customer service.

I had my sliding glass door destroyed with a rock at 2:00 in the morning. This isn't the first time I had some glass broken, but it is the first time I used SERVPRO. They fixed up the door with some wood, but that wasn't what impressed me. I saw one of the guys digging around in my rocks, when I asked him what he was up to he told me he was searching for glass that got in the rock so my dogs paws wouldn't get cut next time I let him out in the yard. Nowdays you don't see someone genuinely go out of their way like that, especially at 2:00AM. They were so thorough that I had to tell them to go home so I could get back to sleep. Joking aside, I really appreciate the effort.

SERVPRO got me out of a tough bind. I am a home owner and licensed contractor but my tenants would not let my team in to do a lot of work that needed to be done. They were able to get into the home and take care of some mold for us, then they actually convinced the tenants to let my team finish up the rest of the work for the house. It really saved me a lot of time and money.

I accidentally caused a fire in my house while cooking. Minutes after the fire department arrived I was suddenly bombarded with tons of companies. Every day we had 5 to 10 people show up on our doorstep offering us bribes to let them clean our house. Then one day this guy Troy shows up at our house gives me a card and told me "I only want to help, if you are tired of all the chasers. Give me a call." and that was it. I didn't believe him at first but decided to give him a chance. Once I signed with SERVPRO he put one sign up in our window and made a bunch of calls in my yard, then suddenly almost everyone stopped bothering my family. We still got like one person a day showing up at our door to talk about how "terrible" SERVPRO was, but it was way better than the 10 a day we had before. Troy had my back through the whole headache and I don't know where these people got their ideas of SERVPRO because it was nothing but positive for me.