Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Example Mold in Pantry

Here is an example of mold that was found underneath someone's pantry. With the door often closed, and food stocked around this area, this pantry offered a cool, dark area that was largely unseen for a long period of time.

Example Mold in Pantry pt. 2

After investigating the mold in this Sacramento home, it was found that the mold problem was worse than previously though. A section of the wall had to be removed, and the insulation behind that to thoroughly remove the mold issue in the walls. 

Example Mold in Pantry pt. 3

After locating the issue, the area is sealed off for containment and treatment, allowing the rest of the house to be protected from spreading spores. It is important to prevent the spread of mold spores, and mold can quickly spread through a house once disturbed.

Prevention, Protection, and Remediation

It is important to remember that mold can occur anywhere. In this Sacramento home office, mold was found behind a bookshelf. Our team sealed off the area first to prevent the mold spreading to the rest of the property before beginning any remediation. 

Kitchen Containment for Sacramento Kitchen Mold

It is important when you find mold is to contact a professional immediately. Mold can spread fast, significantly spreading in just 48 to 72 hours. It is important to contain the area, and not attempt to dry, disinfect, blow, or move the mold at all. Contact local professionals at SERVPRO of Rio Linda & North Highlands on our website, or by calling (916) 991-1522.

Bathroom Mold

When excess water and neglect caused this local home to be plagued with mold, SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda were swift to respond. After an assessment and treatment, the situation was properly contained and eliminated.